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Schools and Districts Access to the Clearinghouse
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The Clearinghouse is a searchable database that provides  information regarding individuals who have had their professional educator certificates/licenses annulled, denied, suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalidated. Records are entered into the Clearinghouse by each state after the case is final and the decision is made public. 

The Clearinghouse uses a secure portal to organize the data into an online look-up web page, as well as monthly reports provided through a secure FTP download protocol.  The Clearinghouse permits members to use the look-up page during background checks on new applicants and the monthly download to cross check against their current lists of employees. The rationale for the monthly cross check is related to the difficulty in adjudicating misconduct cases in a timely manner.  Given the number of administrative delays in the adjudication of educator misconduct cases, a person could be employed in another district, even in another state, before the final decision is published.  The only way a district would be aware would be to cross check the updated Clearinghouse data against all district employees.

The rationale for providing LEAs access to the Clearinghouse is rooted in the importance of demonstrating due diligence in hiring by confirming that all staff, both certified and non-certified, are safe to practice.  Many adverse actions against certificates don't result in an arrest; therefore a standard background check may not reveal important administrative actions taken against an educator's certificate.  Since it is feasible that an educator who had adverse action taken against his or her certificate in another state could apply for a non-certified position in a local school district,  including the NASDTEC Clearinghouse as part of all background checks is good policy and practice. 


Current list of districts by state that are subscribing to the NASDTEC 


Access to the Clearinghouse requires an Associate Membership in NASDTEC and a subscription fee based on the number of FTE teachers in your district.

If you are interested in your LEA having access to the Clearinghouse, please complete the form below and a NASDTEC representative will be in touch. 



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