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Ed ID Clearinghouse
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For over 33 years, the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) has helped keep students safe by maintaining the NASDTEC Educator Identification Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse).

State agencies responsible for licensure of professional P-12 educators in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Department of Defense schools, Guam, and the Canadian province of Ontario, submit information to the Ed ID Clearinghouse once a misconduct case is final and the disposition made public. 

NOTE: The vital information in the Clearinghouse is now available to P-12 public and private local education agencies (LEAs)  and state-approved educator preparation providers (EPPs).

Introduction to the Ed ID Clearinghouse video.

What is the Ed ID Clearinghouse?

The Ed ID Clearinghouse is a secure, searchable national database that provides an immediate alert regarding individuals who have had their professional educator license or certificate annulled, denied, suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalidated. Organizations that want to automate the search may do so with a REST API.

Why is the Ed ID Clearinghouse important?

On average, about 6,000 educators each year have adverse actions taken against their certificate or license for serious misconduct that deems them unsafe to be in the classroom.

Most educator misconduct cases are prosecuted in administrative hearings, not a criminal court. If the educator is not arrested or fingerprinted, there will be no record of the misconduct in a state or federal criminal background check.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an educator who had adverse action taken against a certificate in one state to apply for a position (certified, classified, or volunteer) in another state’s school district(s) or apply for admission to another educator preparation program.

By including the Ed ID Clearinghouse in its background screening, the school district and educator preparation provider can make fully informed placement decisions and reinforce their organization's risk management plan.   

How to Access the Ed ID Clearinghouse?

The Ed ID Clearinghouse is a subscription-based resource for qualifying NASDTEC Associate Members.

If you are interested in learning more, please click on the appropriate link below and submit the related form.  NASDTEC will email you a sample of the user agreement, estimated cost, and the Ed ID Clearinghouse Handbook.