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Past Locations of the Professional Practices Institute
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 Year  Location  Meeting
 2019  San Antonio, TX  23rd
 2018  Portland, ME  22nd
 2017  Phoenix, AZ  21st
 2016  Des Moines, IA  20th
 2015  Atlanta, GA  19th
 2014  Newport, RI  18th
 2013  Boise, ID  17th
 2012  Cincinnati, OH  16th
 2011  Little Rock, AR  15th
 2010  Pittsburgh, PA  14th
 2009  Albuquerque, NM  13th
 2008  St. Louis, MO
 2007  Orlando, FL  11th
 2006  Baltimore, MD  10th
 2005  Scottsdale, AZ  9th
 2004  Kansas City, MO  8th
 2003  Louisville, KY  7th
 2002  Providence, RI  6th
 2001  San Diego, CA  5th
 2000  Minneapolis, MN  4th
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