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Information for Out-of-State Applicants

 All jurisdictions that participate in the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement  may choose to have additional requirements for educators who are coming from another jurisdiction.  These additional requirements are known as “Jurisdiction Specific Requirements” (JSRs).  Most times these additional requirements vary upon the educator’s years of experience.  Some jurisdictions, however, consider themselves “full-reciprocity” and do not have any additional requirements.  The map below provides the requirements for educators coming from another jurisdiction, including whether the requirements vary by experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE TEACHER CANDIDATES:  Each state is responsible for its own certification/licensure requirements, which may change without notice to NASDTEC or your university's certification officers or your state's office of certification.  You must contact the office of certification in any state to which you may be relocating to get the most accurate information on certification requirements. The map link in the next paragraph will help you locate the main web page for the entity in each state that is responsible for educator certification.  One important guideline is that reciprocity is always easier if you completed the certification requirements and obtained your teaching credential in the state where you completed your program requirements.

NOTE: All information is provided by the jurisdiction and NASDTEC does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Questions should be submitted to the jurisdiction.  Here is a link to the map that provides a link to the main webpage of each jurisdiction.