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NASDTEC Committees

Professional Practices Committee (PPC)

The PPC is responsible for the oversight of the NASDTEC Educator Identification Clearinghouse, the development of model laws and rules relating to professional practices, and other activities relating to the improvement of professional practices among the various NASDTEC member jurisdictions.


The Committee is also responsible for the conference agenda for the annual Professional Practices Institute.

  • Catherine Slagle, Chair, WA, Western Region, Term ends 2021
  • Quintan (Q) Dale, MA, Northeastern Region, Term ends 2024
  • Eric James, AR, Southern Region, Term ends 2025
  • Scott Gordon, KS, Central Region, Term ends 2022
  • Shane Crosby, PA, Associate, Term ends 2020
  • Jeff Haverland, IA, Associate Term ends 2020
  • Brad Clark, OK, Associate Term ends 2020
  • Carolyn Angelo, NASDTEC Staff
  • Troy Hutchings, NASDTEC, Staff


Professional Education Committee (PEC)

This PEC has the responsibility to oversee issues dealing with teacher preparation and continuing development of materials for offerings to educators via the NASDTEC webpage. The committee is also responsible for planning the annual Ted Andrews Winter Symposium.

  • David DeGuire, Chair, WI, Central Region, Term ends 2024
  • Sarah Spross, MD, Northeastern Region, Term ends 2025
  • Alexandra Manuel, WA, Western Region, Term ends 2025
  • Joan Luneau, AR, Southern Region, Term ends 2020
  • Teresa Mooney, CCSSO, Associate, Term ends 2020
  • Debbie Ritchey, AZ, Associate, Term ends 2020
  • Darcy Pietryka, MD, Associate, Term ends 2020
  • Wesley Williams, MD, Associate, Term ends 2020
  • Erin Skubal, CA, Ad Hoc, Term ends 2020
  • Maria Hyler, Ad Hoc, Term ends 2020
  • Cyndy Stephens, GA, Ad Hoc Term ends 2020
  • Saroja Warner, DC, Ad Hoc, Term ends 2020


Special Committees

  • Ad Hoc Committees: These committees are formed to address short-term issues, which may arise, whether on a periodic basis or on a one-time basis to meet a special need. Ad hoc committees are formed by the Executive Board with such leadership, membership, and purposes as the Executive Board may deem appropriate.