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Public Educator Certification Lookup Websites

Public Educator Certification Look-up Websites

Most jurisdictions provide a public educator look-up resource.  NASDTEC is dedicated to making sure the links are as accurate as possible. The links are checked each month, but we do appreciate being notified when you find a link that does not work.

If you find a broken link, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page to send us a note.

Public Educator Certification Lookup Websites

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Ohio  Link  more ] Administration 5/11/2020
Oklahoma (No Look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
Ontario  Link Administration 7/10/2014
Oregon  Link Administration 7/10/2014
Pennsylvania Link Administration 7/10/2014
Rhode Island  Link Administration 7/10/2014
South Carolina  Link Administration 2/1/2016
South Dakota  Link Administration 2/1/2016
Tennessee Link Administration 7/10/2014
Texas Link Administration 7/10/2014
Utah (No Look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
Vermont (No look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
Virginia Link Administration 7/10/2014
Washington (No look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
West Virginia (No Look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
Wisconsin Link Administration 7/10/2014
Wyoming (No Look-up site) Link Administration 7/7/2014
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