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Professional Educator Standards Board Association

In 2010, the 12 states with independent and semi-independent professional educator standards boards joined to form the Professional Educator Standards Boards Association (PESBA) under the auspices of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).  In 2019, PESBA became a special committee of NASDTEC and is now fully integrated into the NASDTEC organization. Pursuant to the NASDTEC by-laws, PESBA has a vote on the NASDTEC Executive Board. The chair of PESBA is appointed by the NASDTEC Executive Board chair.  PESBA board members are representatives of the jurisdictions listed below in addition to an ex-officio representative from the National Education Association.

The first meeting of PESBA was held during the June 2010 annual NASDTEC Conference held in Indianapolis.  PESBA was formed to foster communication among the standards boards, establish a national presence on behalf of professional educators and provide information and support to jurisdictions seeking to establish independent professional educator standards boards.  PESBA currently focuses primarily on fostering inter-state communication, the sharing of standards boards’ best practices and providing support to staffs and boards in governance transition.

The formation of the organization was the result of a 2009 survey and subsequent 2010 report conducted by NASDTEC that gathered information about standards boards in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The survey found that thirteen states, at that time, had independent or semi-independent standards boards.  In 2017, this report was updated and can be found in a link immediately below.

Legislatures and/or Governors usually appoint standards board members and these representatives are primarily comprised of professional educators and other related sectors such as higher education and school districts.  These boards regulate all or some portion of the education profession related to licensure, educator preparation program standards and approval, and issue discipline against professional educators’ licenses.  Additionally, the boards provide a professional voice and perspective to the establishment and maintenance of high-quality professional educator standards.  All or some of these actions, standards and regulations are generally independent of the state’s board of education.   

PESBA member states with independent and semi-independent professional educational standards boards are: Alaska, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.

(Updated December 2019)



PESBA Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ISB Report June 2010 PDF (270.34 KB) Administration 8/15/2013
PESBA Bylaws PDF (113.07 KB) Administration 8/15/2013
Update to NASDTEC Ex Brd June 2017 DOCX (14.81 KB) Administration 9/27/2017
2017 Report on Standards Boards PDF (693.03 KB) Administration 10/18/2017
Update to NASDTEC Executive Board Oct 2017 DOCX (36.09 KB) Administration 10/18/2017

PESBA Reports

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
PESBA_Report__NASDTEC__January_2018.docx DOCX (27.47 KB) Administration 1/7/2019
PESBA_Report__NASDTEC__June_2018.docx DOCX (24.74 KB) Administration 1/7/2019
PESBA_Report__NASDTEC__January_2019.docx DOCX (23.31 KB) Administration 1/7/2019
PESBA_Update_to_Ex_Brd_June_2017.docx DOCX (14.81 KB) Administration 1/7/2019