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Elected Officers & Their Duties

NASDTEC Elected Officers and Their Duties

The Executive Board consists of a President, Vice President, the Regional Director of each region, the chairs of the two standing committees, the president of the Professional Education Standards Boards Association (PESBA), an associate member-at-large, the immediate past-president, and the Executive Director.  With the exception of the Executive Director, a member of the Executive Board must be and remain, for the duration of his or her service on the Executive Board, an employee, and representative, of a NASDTEC Member Jurisdiction in good standing. The Executive Director serves ex-officio without voting privileges.

The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board. The Attorney serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board. The Secretary is an appointed position and may serve multiple one-year terms.

Terms of office for Elected Officers:

Election of a Regional Director is for a two year term, elected during Regional Meetings held at the Annual Meeting.

Central and Northeast regions elect in odd numbered years

Western and Southern regions elect in even numbered years

The President serves a one-year term, commencing at the close of the Annual Meeting. The individual serves one year as vice president and then one year as president.

The position of Vice President rotates among the various regions according to the following rotation: Northeast, Southern, Central, and Western. A candidate for Vice President is chosen during the regional meeting of the affected region held during the Annual Meeting. Any Voting Member during the NASDTEC business meeting may nominate additional candidates from that region from the floor. Elections take place as per Article IX of the Bylaws.

Time Commitment of the Executive Board:

The Executive Board holds three meetings per year. (two in addition to the one held in conjunction with the annual meeting) Occasionally other special meetings or teleconferences may be called.

Annual Meeting is held yearly, usually in June, meets just prior to the conference and may meet again with newly elected officers the last day of the conference.

Regular multiple-day meetings are usually held on the weekend.

Regional Meetings are held at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year, as called by the Regional Directors.

Elected officers are expected to attend all meetings and to be in attendance for the full meeting time.

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