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Doug Bates Award

The Doug Bates Award grew out of a desire to honor the legacy of an early proponent of high moral and ethical standards for America's educators. Doug Bates was an attorney with the Utah State Office of Education and served for a number of years as the attorney for NASDTEC. In both roles, Doug was consistent and relentless in his insistence that state licensing agencies and employing school districts effectively screen applicants and monitor all educators for moral fitness.


Since 1997 NASDTEC has selected a person whose notable work in the field of professional practices deserves to be recognized.  The recipient of the Doug Bates Award is honored at a dedicated luncheon during the annual Professional Practices Institute. 


Selection for the award is based on a number of factors:

  1. Membership in NASDTEC and/or affiliation with NASDTEC’s Professional Practices efforts or other noteworthy efforts in this regard.
  2. Recognized contributions or work experience in the field of Professional Practices and educator misconduct.
  3. Demonstrated dedication to the safety and welfare of school children.
  4. Selection by the Professional Practices Committee with approval by the Executive Board.

Doug Bates Award Recipents

2019 Glenn Lipson (CA)
2018 Cassie Trueblood (KY)
2017 Cathleen Cavell (MA)
2016 Anne Marie Fenton (GA)
2015 Joe Jamieson (Ontario, Canada)
2014 John Grant (GA)
2013 Carolyn Angelo (PA)
2012 Beverly Williams (AR)
2011 Marian Lambeth (FL)
2010 Victoria Chamberlain (OR)
2009 Troy Hutchings (Northern Arizona University)
2008 Gary Walker (GA)
2007 Ron Stanfield (UT)
2006 Kathleen Richards (FL)
2005 Bart Zabin (NY)
2004 Rick Eiserman (GA)
2003 Eugene Campbell (CO)
2002 Gary Jones (MO)
2001 Martin Bates (Granite School District, UT)
2000 Adelle Nore (WA)
1999 Charles Mackey, Jr. (NY)
1998 Paul Longo
1997 Doug Bates (UT)


Doug Bates Award Acceptance Lectures

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
1997 - 2005 PDF (389.03 KB) Administration 4/17/2013
2015 Joe Jamieson (OT) DOC (39 KB) Administration 10/26/2017
2017 Cathleen Cavell (MA) DOC (50 KB) Administration 10/26/2017
2019 Glenn Lipson (CA) DOCX (22.75 KB) Administration 10/30/2019